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Luca Turilli's Neoclassical Revelation Student Feedback

Check out what guitar players from all over the world are saying about Luca Turilli's Neoclassical Revelation online guitar course and how it improved their guitar playing.

"The course covers everything that I want. I want to be an excellent Neoclassical guitarist. I don't feel the need to compose my own music, I just want to play music that has already been composed and be able to play it to it's fullest and put myself into it. When I looked at this course this is what it promised me."

Raymond UnderwoodEverything I tried before Neoclassical Revelation was just a load of bits and pieces that I had no idea what to really do with. The only thing I did know was, it was wrong AND I WAS WASTING MY TIME. This nearly caused me to stop trying. Neoclassical Revelation is a course that has been very obviously thought out, and thought out very well. I recognize that it has been put together not only by an excellent player, but more important for me, by a first class teacher.

I progress on a daily basis and in the three and a half months that I have been studying I can't believe my progression.

Raymond Underwood, Langley, British Columbia, Canada

"Luca's Course is very good, it forces me to work on things I would ordinarily never think of myself, or take the time to work on. I've tried a number of sweeping lessons in the past, but I never had enough faith in them or they just seemed like they weren't musical enough to hold my interest.”

I'm really glad to get the chance to work with Tom and Luca they are definitely knowledgeable. I finally feel like I have people I can trust to guide me to my full potential (and beyond).

Through practicing Luca's course I've become a more accurate player. Before in the studio and "live" I sort of played based on "luck". Where I would try take after take and hope that I would get it right. Now I'm much, much more consistent. I can either play something or I can't play it. There is way less chance on if I pull off a run or something. This has been the biggest gain I've noticed so far.

Geoffrey Cleaver, Port Angeles
Washington, USA

"I am very glad with the course and the content of the lessons! The forums are great! Luca is always kind and helpful to everyone of us, and he answered each one of my questions and doubts.”

Maria Agustina AliagaI think it’s overall a wonderful community of people willing to learn, improve, perfect themselves, so I’m very glad I’ve come to know about it and be able to start with this course!

Maria Agustina Aliaga
Cordoba, Argentina

"Luca's lessons pushed me into a whole new level, especially because they are classical oriented.”

Hugo V MonteiroImagine that one of your guitar idols just created similar lessons for his fans, when you were starting to learn guitar or neoclassical music, giving you the opportunity to learn all that stuff, instead of making your own research, trial and error. I consider Luca's lessons as an opportunity to learn and take the correct path to my goals, minimizing the waste of time and research I would have to do.

As for Luca, I've noticed that he is a very passionate person in everything he does in music either for him or for others. Very rare person to find nowadays

So I say again, Thank YOU (Luca and Tom), for providing this opportunity.

Hugo V Monteiro
Lisbon, Portugal

"Every aspect of my playing has increased greatly in a positive direction: my sweeps are more fluid and scales are more seamless. I couldn't be happier.”

Philip Timofeyev My experience with the lessons is wonderful. The lesson gives the feeling that Luca is teaching it directly to you. I am still not playing each lesson at full speed but I am not that far away, so the goal is set and certainly reachable.

60+ lessons into the course my playing has gotten much cleaner and faster. Even after playing guitar for 2 years before the lessons I still learn new techniques and methods from the lessons. I am definitely happy with my results!

One of the most important aspects of the course is that I am actually interacting with The Luca Turilli, a favorite and much respected person of mine. This alone drives me to succeed in the course as best as I can.

Philip Timofeyev
Ohio, USA

"I have a great experience with the Neoclassical Revelation Hybrid course. I am learning a lot, not only from Luca and Tom, but also from the forum. People on the forum are great, there is always someone answering me every time I have a question.”

Philip Timofeyev Luca and Tom are great teachers with the right approach. My picking hand technique is a lot better, and is more relaxed than ever. I'm also better at sweep picking and at ascending/descending the strings. My technique has greatly improved, and I'm only on lesson 4!

David Lalumiere, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I can play guitar much better now than when I started Luca's course. Now I feel like I can play almost anything by practicing an exercise for only a few days.”

Guillermo Regodon Harkness I have noted an obvious improvement, especially in my practicing. I practice more and with greater results (perhaps I practice more because I practice better and I enjoy that!). I think that the pressure of practicing some exercises before the next lesson is a factor, but definitely I don't think it's just that. I now know better practicing methods and Luca's course has some incredible exercises which I had not thought of before at all.

Guillermo Regodon Harkness,
Cordoba, Spain

"I really like the course! Every 2 days before receiving a lesson, I'm really excited! I love the materials and it really makes me progress!”

David Poissonnet Morin I'm having a great time since I take these lessons. I check the forum daily to check out news. If I consider my way of playing one year ago, even 6 month ago, I feel like I have really improved a lot!

David Poissonnet Morin
Quebec, Canada