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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

01 What makes Luca Turilli’s Neoclassical Revelation guitar course special and unique compared to other online guitar courses?
    Here is what makes my course special and unique:
  • You will train in the exact same way I do which makes everything about mastering neoclassical guitar playing easier, faster and better than anything else you can do. This is the very same training that made me become the well-known artist I am now and will help you get there too.
  • The course will enable you to master your guitar playing from many different angles at once, not just one. I've designed this neoclassical guitar course so that you get 5 different guitar lessons in one (for the price of only one)!
  • You will develop the one thing that most other guitar courses fail to give, a rock solid foundation of neoclassical guitar technique that grows your ability to use those techniques to play 'anything' you will need to play in the neoclassical shred guitar styles. Every single lesson contains an entire section dedicated to delivering this to you.
  • You get my exclusive ‘Neoclassical Guitar Etudes’; guitar compositions I composed specifically for this course. You get these special etudes to hear, learn and master as free bonuses to my core neoclassical guitar lessons that you will already get directly from me. These additional neoclassical lessons for guitar will enable you to advance your guitar playing even faster!
  • You will get my personal 'perfectly correct' lessons & transcriptions of my guitar solos from my Rhapsody Of Fire and Luca Turilli's Rhapsody albums which have sold more than one million copies around the world! Having this gives you the unique opportunity to have lessons about "real music" that fans want to buy and not only boring exercises that nobody wants to listen to.
  • You receive exclusive guitar transcriptions of famous classical composers like Chopin, Bach and Paganini that heavily influenced my way of playing and technique.
  • You will get support directly from me (Luca Turilli) on your progress and receive additional special exercises to help you through your specific guitar playing challenges.
  • You will have access to an exclusive and private support forum where you will get A LOT of help on your general guitar playing, not only from me but also from other musicians there, many of whom are professionals in the music business and are experienced guitar teachers.
02 Who should NOT use this course?
    This course is NOT for you if:
  • You do not love Neoclassical guitar playing
  • You want to primarily play blues, jazz, fusion, country or acoustic guitar
  • You are not really serious about improving your guitar playing and only want to ‘check out 1-2 lessons’ and then quit. Becoming a great Neoclassical shred guitar player is a long-term process, so you must be willing to put in the time to reach this goal and not give up easily.
03 What language is used for the Neoclassical Revelation guitar course?

The entire course is in English only. At the moment there are no plans to translate the course into other languages.

04 How many lessons does this course contain?

The ‘Neoclassical Revelation’ course consists of 100 lessons.

05 How many exercises are included in each lesson?
    Every lesson contains 5 exercises and is structured in the following way:
  • EXERCISE A: an exercise or composition using warm-up licks, guitar technique patterns and rhythms that are typical of my guitar playing. These exercises will help to develop your general guitar technique and speed.
  • EXERCISE B: an exercise or composition that teaches you all of the essential scales used in Neoclassical guitar playing that I use extensively in my music. These exercises will give you the foundation for coming up with your own great Neoclassical licks and etudes as you finally master playing scales all over the fretboard.
  • EXERCISE C: an exercise or composition that will help you to master sweep picking - an essential technique for Neoclassical guitar playing. I will teach you a HUGE number of creative ways to use sweep picking in your guitar playing (that go far beyond simply ‘playing arpeggios up and down’). This will make sure that you have a never-ending supply of REALLY cool sweep picking ideas to play in your guitar solos.
  • LUCA’S ETUDE: In every ‘odd-numbered’ lesson (Lesson 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, etc.) I will give you a special etude that I composed exclusively for this course. These etudes will combine the techniques I have taught to you throughout your lessons and help you to ‘put it all together’ in your guitar playing so that you immediately apply your improved technique and expanded arsenal of Neoclassical licks to playing real music.

    In every ‘even-numbered’ lesson (Lesson 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, etc.) I will give you a note-for-note transcription of portions of my most famous songs and guitar solos with my bands Rhapsody Of Fire and Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody. These transcriptions are personally prepared by me (so they are guaranteed to be 100% accurate) and they will help you to ‘look over my shoulder’ to see how I approached creating my most well-known compositions.
  • CLASSICAL COMPOSITION: An excerpt from a piece by a famous composer (such as Chopin, Paganini, Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Liszt and many others), transcribed perfectly by me for electric guitar. These are the very same transcriptions that I have used to develop my unique Neoclassical guitar playing style and I will teach them to you to help you develop yours!
06 How can I tell if I am a good enough guitarist to enter this course?

You need to have ‘consistently’ played and practiced guitar for at least 1 year and have an understanding of basic techniques such as alternate picking, hammer ons and pull offs, slides, bends and vibrato.

You do NOT need to be an advanced guitar player (that is what the course will help you to become!), but you must not be a total beginner on your instrument.

07 What programs do I need to study the lessons of the course?
    You will need:
  • Adobe Reader or Word
    Adobe Reader (version 6 or higher - not needed for Mac users) or Word (version 97 or higher) are needed to open the PDF and DOC files contained in each lesson. You only need one of the 2 programs to view your lessons because I will give you each lesson in both formats. Having the same content available to you in 2 formats allows you to choose whichever one you prefer for studying/practicing.
  • Guitar Pro
    This software (version 5 or higher) needs to be purchased separately (as a one-time payment from Guitar Pro’s website) to get the most out of each lesson. Guitar Pro will allow you to listen to (and practice along) with each exercise at any speed you want so that you make much faster progress and have more fun as you work through each lesson.

Note: I strongly recommend to not use the ‘trial’ version of Guitar Pro with my course, as the trial version doesn't contain the 'RSE engine' (the ability to play back notes using realistic sounds of instruments) necessary to practice your lessons in the best and most effective way.

08 How do I receive my lessons?

You receive your lessons by logging in to your student account at my partner’s website:

09 What does it mean that I can customize the course according to my needs?

Customizing the course according to your needs means that you can choose the ‘frequency’ of your lessons.

The available choices are:
1 lesson per week
1 lesson every 2 weeks
1 lesson every 3 weeks
1 lesson every 4 weeks

10 How much does one lesson cost?

The cost of the lessons depends on the ‘frequency’ that you have chosen for receiving your lessons.

The cost of one lesson is:
Once a week: 45 €
Once every 2 weeks: 49 €
Once every 3 weeks: 54 €
Once every 4 weeks: 59 €

All the prices above are ‘per lesson’. So if you take a lesson every 2 weeks (for example), you would be charged every 2 weeks and would get a new lesson every 2 weeks.

11 How do I pay for my lessons?

Your lesson payments will be made through PayPal (using your bank account or a debit/credit card). This is the easiest and most secure method of payment. I will not see your payment details and you are in complete control of your subscription (you can cancel at any time). If you do not have a PayPal account, you can easily set up one in a few minutes (for free).

12 Can I cancel the course any time I want to without any hidden fees?

Yes, you can easily cancel any time you want, but please send me an email before you do so if that ever happens.

13 Can I change the frequency of my lessons?

Yes and this is easy and fast to do. Simply email me and I will walk you through the simple steps required to change the frequency of your lessons.

14 How will Luca interact with me and help me to make more progress in the course?

The interaction with me is based on your ‘lesson feedback’ that you will give me after each lesson (by filling out a special form to send me feedback for each lesson). It will be sent directly to me and I will read your comments. After every 3 lessons, I will send you an email about your feedback and advice on how to progress through the course in the best way. You will also receive a ‘personalized exercise’ created by me especially for you which is also based on the lesson feedback that you send me.

You will get more details about how to send feedback to me when you get your first lesson.

15 What is Guitar Pro and how will it help me make faster progress in my guitar playing?

Guitar Pro is an extremely versatile and user-friendly guitar notation software needed to access my course. It will help you to listen to (and practice along) with each exercise at any speed you want so that you make much faster progress and have more fun as you work through each lesson.

This software (version 5 or higher) needs to be purchased separately (as a one-time payment from Guitar Pro’s website) to get the most out of each lesson.

16 Will Luca teach the original Rhapsody Of Fire or Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody solos as they appear on the records?

Yes, you will get transcriptions of many excerpts from the original music of my bands throughout the course.

17 Why is the Neoclassical Revelation forum so important to my progress?

You will get a huge amount of help and inspiration from being around other students who are going through the same process as you of becoming Neoclassical maestros. Also, the Neoclassical Revelation forum is a part of an exclusive community of musicians (taught by Tom Hess) many of whom are highly advanced guitarists, professional musicians and experienced guitar teachers. They will provide you with even more advice and support in addition to what you get from me in the course.

18 Can I use the lesson feedback page or the Neoclassical Revelation forum to get news about Luca Turilli’s bands or his general activity as a musician?

No. The lesson feedback page, the forum and any other interaction with me on this website is strictly reserved for the Neoclassical Revelation course and focused on every single student’s learning process and progress. I will not answer any questions that have nothing to do with this guitar course.

You will find news about my bands directly on the bands’ websites. Join to get the latest information.

19 Will I still receive Luca’s emails and the special exercises that he creates for me when he is busy with his musical activities?

Yes. My partner Tom Hess and his team will ensure that nothing will change for you. There won’t be delays in receiving your lessons, reading your lesson feedback and responding appropriately.

20 How do I start?

To start the Neoclassical Revelation Guitar Course, go here:

To start the Neoclassical Revelation Ultimate Master Guitar Lessons With Luca Turilli & Tom Hess, go here: